Why can't I edit my post?

 If you were logged in when you created the account, you should be able to move the post by dragging or by clicking the pen icon on the top right side of the post. If this isn't the case, then the system is probably not recognizing you as the author of the post. This often happens when a post is added without a log in.What happens then is that Padlet cannot attribute authorship of posts to an actual account, so what we do is we attribute it to the device. This a temporary arrangement that is wiped once the user closes the browser or clears their browser cache. So when you come back to edit posts after signing out, you are no longer able to because there is no longer any sign that you were the original authors.

For contributors:

Request editing rights from the owner of the padlet. Or, request Padlet support to edit the post for you

For padlet owners:

Make sure you are logged in to the right account (the avatar username must match your URL username)

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