What are the differences between the owner, teacher, and student roles?

Padlet Backpack is structured around three main roles: Owner, Teacher, and Student. Each role defines a standard user behavior in the organization. Let's get to know each user type, shall we?


The Owner is the person who has signed up for your account, and the only one with permission to remove the account or make someone else Account Owner. They also have access to the following tools:

  • User Management Page - add, edit and delete access of student and teacher members
  • Account-wide Settings - change logo and name of the school
  • Billing page - update payment details for the account
  • Stats - Request for organization-wide activity report
  • Link to LTI deployment
  • LMS integration


The role of a teacher is much like an administrator's role. You can access to:

  • User Management Page - Visibility into all member accounts
  • Member registration - Ability to invite members (teacher or student) to the organization
  • Link to LTI deployment
  • LMS integration
  • Google Classroom sharing


Students registered to an account get their space to create and share Padlets. They also have access to Google Classroom button from the SHARE panel

  • Their own accounts (email address is optional) plus the premium features mentioned above
Supported on Padlet Backpack

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