How do I change my Backpack domain?

What is the Backpack domain?

Your Backpack domain is your school's official address. When you sign up for a Backpack account, a domain is suggested based on your institution name but you can choose any name you like.

Your Backpack domain is an important part of your Backpack account because it's where every member will access their accounts.

Account administrators may change their domain from their Organization Info.

  1. From the menu button (...) on the bottom left of your dashboard, click Settings (⚙)

  1. Click Organization Info and edit the Web Address field
  2. SAVE
Changing the domain will impact all pages and padlets in your account. This means that links to all posts and padlets of each member will change. Visitors to your Backpack account will need to update their bookmarks with the new URL.

If you must make this change, make sure everyone is informed to avoid confusion and login problems.

Every school subdomain is unique. If it shows an error, indicating that the organization already exists, you'll need to consider adding a number or using a different name for your organization.

If there's a domain your organization needs to claim, please contact us.

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