What is the difference between Team Neon and Team Gold?

Teams are a great way to create and collaborate with a large group on Padlet. If your team is just starting out or thriving as a community, you might be curious about the difference between the Team Neon plan and the Team Gold plan. Here's what you should know.

Team Neon

Team Neon is the basic default plan that every team starts on. Team Neon is completely free but only allows the team three padlets and features a smaller file upload limit.

  • Free
  • 20MB file upload limit
  • 3 total padlets for the team
  • 50 member limit

Team Gold

Team Gold is the upgraded team membership plan. Team Gold is a paid plan. The owner of the team is responsible for payment. Team Gold offers unlimited padlets, a much higher file upload limit, and is priced based on the number of Makers/Admins on your team.

  • Paid plan based on the number of Makers/Admins
  • 1GB file upload limit
  • Unlimited padlets for the team
  • 50 member limit
If you're a team owner and want to switch plans, visit your profile settings page here, navigate to the Billing tab in your team settings, and make the switch!

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